Ethics Policy
  • Legal : complying with all national and legislation and regulation
  • Accounting: maintained adequate, reliable , truthful and accurate accounting records compliant with prescribe standards
  • Competition: competing honestly and fairly without damaging the reputation of our competitors either directly or by implications.
  • Confidentiality: maintaining the privacy of information relating to employees, clients and other interested third parties under the proper legislation.
  • Conflict of interest: conducting business with highest standards of integrity and honesty and requiring company personnel, agents, and subcontractors.
  • Gift/Hospitality/ Favors: accepting gifts, hospitality or favors which are legal, ethical and moistest value and which will not influence business decisions. Gifts, hospitality and favors will never be solicited by company or its personnel, agents and subcontractors. All spending on gifts and hospitality will be properly authorized and recorded.
  • Respect: treating our personnel / agents/ subcontractors, clients and other third parties with dignity and respect at all times as well as carrying out our business activities with highest regard for the environment and local communities in which we operate.
  • QRS pleases a strong emphasis on achieving a high ethical standard based on integrity, trust, and honestly, in all its business operations.
  • Our ethical commitment: The general manager will monitor and review this policy on annual basis.
ABOUTQuality Registrar Systems

Quality Registrar Systems is a management systems  certification service provider, with a variety of industrial proficiency and vast exposure in the field of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Business. We provide reliable quality services across Middle East.


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United Arab Emirates
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QRS expresses great disappointment in informing all interested (staff, customers , Auditors (part time) friends ) of the withdrawal of our EIAC accreditation after the completion of a 3-year cycle and total 10 years of relations.

Any and all concerned individuals are informed of the withdrawal and the matter is being legally dealt with by QRS. QRS holds confidence in its proceedings and portrays no reluctance in taking action. Our company ensures all employees, customers and interested parties that adequate arrangements are in place and that QRS will continue to provide excellence in our services.

CEO of QRS extends comfort to all employees and stakeholders, stating "Only Allah has the right to give judgement on such matters and surely we will return to him hereafter' and staying hopeful about the company's future.

" I encourage everyone to trust in the higher power. May Allah keep us all safe and bring the justice we deserve"